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Alain Hernandez, CEO and Founder at Hernandez MasterMind LLC

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We recommend that you consider one of our Complete Solution Packages so that you get more value. Each of our Successful Business Packages include and may be limited to Strategic Consultation, Proven Plan, Video Guide, MASTERMIND Coaching, a Complete Service and/or Membership Access.

Complete Solution

Strategic Consultation

Identify the Cause to your Current Problem and help you Solve that Challenge through a Strategic Consulting.


Walking you through a Step by Step Process on what you need to know and do for you to Overcome and Solve your Challenge.


Proven Plan

Providing you with a Step by Step and Broken Down Plan that is Proven to help you be more Efficient and Effective.

Complete Service

Performing an Online or In Person Service needed to help you Achieve and Complete whatever is holding you back.

Video Guide

Providing you with a PowerPoint or a How to Video Guide for you to Learn any Specific Topic or Skill needed.

Membership Access

Access to a Membership Portal  that is Full with Videos, eBooks and Audio Designed to teach you everything you need to know.

Popular Services

Small Business Consulting

Helping you with a Strategic Business Consultation that will help you understand your Challenges and how to Overcome.

Small Business Planning

Helping you with a PowerPoint Presentation or a How to, Step by Step pdf Plan that you can Follow to Improve and Grow.

Small Business Coaching

Helping you Identify the Reasons why your Business is Lacking Growth and help you Follow a Proven Strategy that is Proven.

Starting a New Business

Helping you bring your idea and vision to live by starting a new and profitable business model that you can manage and profit from.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“alain always delivers on his word and provides me with complete satisfaction. I can really say that he cares for your needs deeply! “

Amanda Anzalone

Entrepreneur, Amandatory Success


“I would like to say that Alain has helped me out a lot and he is doing more then most people would and I am very grateful for that.”

Joshua Meade

PC Technician, Meade's PC Repair


I am THRILLED with what Alain have helped me with. Your kindness, efficiency, speed and service were beyond my expectations.

Wendy Glidden

Writer, You are Worthy Too

Plans and Pricing


Most Popular
$99/2 Installments
  • 1 Strategic Consultation
  • 1 Proven Plan
  • 1 Video Guide
  • Coaching Session
  • Complete Service
  • Membership Access
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Full Coverage
$499/4 Installments
  • 5 Strategic Consultation
  • 5 Proven Plan
  • 5 Video Guide
  • 3 Coaching Session
  • Complete Service
  • Membership Access
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