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Understand your New and Existing Customers will help you with Customer Management for you to provide them a great Customer Service Experience. 

I would like to share with you some Customer Management, Customer Service and Customer Relationship tips and ideas on how I manage my New and Existing Customers to be able to keep up with them and also grow my business while giving them value in the process.

Something that is very important to know and understand when you Manage Customers is the Priority and in the order that you will need to Manage those New and Existing Customers for you to Create Customer Value and more Revenue for your business.

New Customers

Typically a new Customer is generated when someone is looking and needs what your Business offers. These types of Customers are first Consider Leads also known as potential Prospects. The first thing you need to do is to provide them with the information they want to hear related to their interest.

Your New Customer Management experience will help you understand how to handle such person and in what manner depending on what you provided them and what they came to you for.

When dealing with a New Customer your primary goal should be to convince them that what you do and offer is what they need and you will be able to handle it without a problem. To help you Win a Customer is to provide them the best price in town and a Customer Service that would exceed their expectation of you.

Some examples to consider are as follow, provide them a Free Consultation Session to show them you care about understanding their problems and you want to make sure you can provide them exactly what they need. Taking time aside to answer Customer questions without first selling yourself is a good way to help them connect and bond with you.

After you fully understand their problem, you will not have a clear idea on when, how and what to offer that person what you can provide them to solve that problem. This approach alone can help you win most New Customers because it shows you care and you are willing to spend time to get to know their issue first and not so concern about selling what you do.

Existing Customers

Build-a-Successful-Business-Open-Content-POPUPDomination.png Typically an Existing Customer is consider more important at least in my book and that is because they will be more valuable for your Business in terms of Return Business. Existing Customers already know what you do and they already had an Experienced with you. Your main goal now is to keep up with them by managing important details that can help you provide them more Customer Value and help you Increase Revenue.

Trying to get them back in as a customer would be a matter of you simply Learning Customer Management, Customer Service, Customer Relationship in a way that helps you win them over every time.

When working with an Existing Customer you should not have to try to convince them, build trust or try to close the deal as much as you would need to do so when working on a New Customer. However, you do need to manage certain things that are important to them and to your business to keep the revenue flow and keep them happy with you. 

Customer Management

Learning Customer Management is very important if you wish to keep up with their needs and demands as they happen. Customer Management will also help you understand the Life Cycle and the Stages on each Customer and knowing this can help you understand who can afford what you do and who can’t.

Something that I like to do all the time and it works great is to spend all my budget on Business Marketing every other month and in between each month only Manage my New and Existing Customers.

For example, let say you invested a thousand dollars for that month on different marketing methods and you for 30 people in that month and out of those 30 only 20 decided to hire you. What you now want to do is Stop your Marketing Campaigns from spending any more money and focus only on those 20 customers for the following month.

As you complete jobs, customer issues and respond to questions you now want to capture important details throughout the process that can be use for a later on Follow up. Another example on this topic, every service I provide there is always something else I can offer my client related to what they hired me for. Instead of forcing them or annoying them to decide on that option at that time, I first focus on finishing that particular service to make sure I have complete that request and also to make sure they are happy with it.

I would then mention to them hey listen, I would really like you to x whatever that may be. There is no need to decide on that now but, I would really like to talk to you about that at a time and date that is good for you. 80% of my customers always tell me of course that sounds good, call me on or follow up with me on etc.

I would then use all those details inside what is call a CRM – Customer Relationship and Management Service, Software or Application like Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics or perhaps a more affordable option like Contactually. Using one of these Applications you will be able to Manage all the important details for you to create a Sales Potential for later on and stay on top of providing your customers with more value.

Customer Service

Build-a-Successful-Business-Open-Content-POPUPDomination.pngProviding a great but more important a personalized Customer service is very important if you wish to be different from everyone else. Most new Potential Customers always like to shop around and something that will help you prevent that is when you give them more than they expect without asking for any money upfront.

Do not rush into things trying to make a quick sell, instead take your time to answer questions and be specific on what is that you can or can’t do for them. Always be straight forward and honest regarding what they can expect to experience when working with you. 

Finally, do your best to work around their schedule and not yours that way you can make it possible for them to work with you and not be limited to a specific option or way like most people do.

Customer Relationship

Building Customer Relation is very important and the best way to do this is to make sure your Customer Service and Relationship with Existing Customers is always with a 100% Customer Satisfaction. Customer Relationship is a matter of providing your Existing Customers with a Solution to every need while also showing that you care for their needs and not just make it about you or making money.

To help you Build Customer Relationship that is one of a kind, do your very best to always provide your Existing Customers with the best price whenever they need your Service. To often provide them with Solutions and Answers to their needs without having to charge them every single time.

Be willing to go out of your way to provide them a Solution and not just give in easy but stay persistent on solving all their request in a timely manner and as soon as possible.

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